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Praise for Kristin

“Kristin has this incredible gift for helping one see the awesome talents that are within each of us"

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 "I have been working over the past 3 months on a new direction for my Professional Styling Business.  Through some trial and error social media advertising, I was perplexed as to why I was not seeing the conversions that I had hoped for.  As I was explaining my frustration to Kristin, she listened very intently to my business plan and my strategy.  Then Kristin opened the blinds and the ray of sunshine came in!  She totally opened my eyes as to why I was not seeing the success that I thought I should.  Her intuitive nature dug deep and uncovered the key reasons why my way was not working.  She suggested that I consider another approach, and the rest is history!  Within two days I had tweaked my business model, and I am now well on my way to seeing the success that I have envisioned.  Thank you Kristin!!!"


 Jenny Gray, Professional Stylist

"Kristin helped me with so many things in just a short amount of time. She has a great way of making things clearer and far simpler.  Her professional guidance helped me to focus on and more effectively target my business aspirations.  She helped me to identify the emotional blocks that were keeping me from seeking and finding the next opportunity and to be clearer with the values in my life that bring me happiness and success.  I found significant value and I highly recommend Kristin as a coach.  She is honest, easy to talk to, an active listener, direct and has a great sense of humor”


Fran Hardman, Owner of ReMax Advanced

“I have been working with Kristin for a few months. In that time, she had helped me see my own strengths and potential in ways I would never have recognized on my own. She has the ability to see a vision of what my future could look like and helped me formulate a strategic plan to get there. I would highly recommend working with Kristin to gain clarity and a workable plan around achieving your dreams."


Laura Gippert, Realtor

“Kristin has this incredible gift for helping one see the awesome talents that are within each of us. She has been instrumental in helping me organize my business model and clearly define my goals. She does her work in a caring and compassionate way. Kristin is the QUEEN of networking as well. If you need assistance beyond her scope, she knows the person to help you. Thank you Kristin for ALL you do.”


Carol Cropp, Transition Coach

"I appreciate the great advice Kristin has given me, I’ve been practicing just a couple of her suggestions and am really starting to see the value and success. 


This morning I presented to my leads group and followed her advice, the feedback I got was really encouraging.  I have also noticed an increasing number of people coming to me for advice on their HR issues. 


I wanted to let you know how much I value your kindness, encouragement and general understanding of people.  The gift you’ve shared with me is tremendous."

AnnMarie Kelnhofer, Sales & Marketing, ESG